Max and the Martians play songs of love and dogs. They are a New Orleans-based rock and roll dance band, made up of an eclectic mix of musicians. 


Max Bien-Kahn, the songwriter and bandleader for Max and the Martians, is involved in countless New Orleans-based projects as a supporting player, most prominently as the guitarist in traditional jazz band, Tuba Skinny.   He plays often with Esther Rose, Duff Thompson, Carver Baronda, and other songwriters, and was a regular session musician on Mashed Potato Record’s Compilations Volume I and II.


Max and the Martians' 2016 self-titled debut has recently been followed up with the February 2019 release of the Curtains EP. Recorded mostly live to tape, Curtains is a collection of four seemingly simple songs intended to be played loud and danced to. 


Following Curtains, Max and the Martians released Please Hold On/Love On Vacation, a 7” teaser of two songs that will be featured on their next full-length album. Warm, hazy, and melancholic, Please Hold On was recorded in collaboration with Duff Thompson and Bill Howard at Mashed Potato Records' studio in the spring of 2018. Contrastingly,  Love on Vacation is a fun, buoyant, summer pop song also recorded in collaboration around the same time with Video Age bandleader Ross Farbe. The 7" was released by Mashed Potato Records on September 20, 2019.